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  GEOSER PE GEORIDES are geosynthetic materials with high strength, low creep, produced from high-density polyethene. Natural floors cause difficulties for applicators to bear weight and pressure. Geogrids come into play at this point and are used to strengthen the ground. Thus, it improves the ground conditions and increases the carrying capacity and makes it possible to work on the ground. Chemistry is especially acid and sulfite resistant. They are affected at a minimum level by adverse application conditions. They can be produced as single-sided geotextile or two-sided geotextile if desired. When the transport forces are requested, they can be increased up to 160 kN / m. UV resistant.
  Usage areas
   Road fill
   Basic strengthening
   Accessible walls
   Areas with erosion
   Pile head platforms

  Extruded plates made of polypropylene are drilled in required dimensions and then tensioned to provide an opening. With this method, high strength is provided at joints. The resulting structure plays an effective role in meeting and distributing loads on the ground on which it is applied. It meets the permanent loads created by large structures and can be applied to large areas.
  The lateral distribution of the aggregates in the ground / intermediate grounds on the roads and railways is the most critical question in terms of road stabilization. Geogrids obstruct lateral collars and improve the performance of the building by distributing permanent or continuous loads over the floors and clamping the floor together. Extruded geogrid determines what kind of stretch direction it will be.
Single Axial Geogrid
   Uniaxial geogrids have much more resistance in the direction of tension, much more in the opposite direction. (MD> CMD)
Double Axis Geogrid
   Biaxial geogrids show almost the same strength in both directions. (MD = CMD)