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Our products are manufactured with the latest technology and safely used in variety of projects that make life easier.

Tunnel Waterproofıng

The products are used to waterproof the highways and GWW tunnels with PVC Geomembranes.

HES Transmıssıon Resources

Geosynthetic products are used in the transmission channels made to carry water to HEPP Dams.

Landscape Areas

Geosynthetic products are used in sloping and landscaping as resistant to plant roots.


Geosynthetic products are used because of their high impact resistance, high hot-cold resistance and resistance to acidic chemicals.

Dams and Ponds

Geosynthetic products are used in the water dams and ponds due to its elasticity and impact strength and monolithic large area coverage.

Pools Canals

It is produced with UV Resistance and as it provides tightness in monolithic large areas, geosynthetic products are used in large and small pools.

Foundatıon Wall Waterproofıng

Due to its high impact and flex resistance, geosynthetic products are used on the foundations and walls of the buildings.

Terrace and autopark Waterproofıng

Geosynthetic products are preferred because of the monolithic large area covering and flexibility of the terraces over the car parks or roofs.

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You will realize the Geoser’s difference in every aspect of your project! Our company combines experience and education, reflects the latest technology in production and application practices on the field, adds value to your projects with unbeatable prices...

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We stand by you with our long and increasing sector experience proudly!

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Our employees in each department such as sales and installation crew work with you genuinely to make your job easier.

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We do continuous Research & Development studies to meet the requirements of the sector and keep our position on the top ranks.

Expert Installation

We put together our experience with the project requirements at work and during application that results best quality in what we do.

High Quality Raw Materials

We manufacture our products using the highest quality raw materials to suit your needs exactly!

Continuous Control

Thanks to our certified quality control processes, the quality of the product is under control at every step of the production!

Unbeatable Prices

In addition to being the best domestic producer and installer, we also stand out in terms of comfortable price range.


In addition to exporting to more than 28 countries, our goal is to reach everyone by opening branches all over the world.