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"Based on success and continuity, honesty, trust and quality."

GEOSER GEOSYNTHETIC A.Ş. has been renewed continuously in the light of developing science and technology in line with customer satisfaction, product and service quality principles. Today, GEOSER serves in the Organize Industry area; understanding of modern facilities, quality control management to evaluate all possibilities of modern technology with our time line and move the line that reflects the products it manufactures, Turkey Membrane products are one of the leading companies in the industry. GEOSER is rapidly continuing to focus on sales of geomembrane, water retention tapes, felt, Geotextile, Geogrid, Geonet products, after sales support departments and customer satisfaction which have been produced with experienced engineers and production staff. Our services include post-production sales and marketing, after-sales support, technical support and domestic logistics operations. “Based on success and continuity, honesty, trust and quality.” GEOSER will continue to innovate and always set itself innovative goals.


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Tunnel Waterproofıng

The products are used to waterproof the highways and GWW tunnels with PVC Geomembranes.

Dams and Ponds

Geosynthetic products are used in the water dams and ponds due to its elasticity and impact strength and monolithic large area coverage.

Foundatıon Wall Waterproofıng

Due to its high impact and flex resistance, geosynthetic products are used on the foundations and walls of the buildings.

Terrace and autopark Waterproofıng

Geosynthetic products are preferred because of the monolithic large area covering and flexibility of the terraces over the car parks or roofs.